Once an order is placed either via phone, email or through our website (and we confirm all the details with you), we will generate an Order Acknowledgement Form which will be delivered to you via email.

TERMS OF SALE verbiage on our Order Acknowledgement Form:

This acknowledgement shows the quoted pricing for this job.  Applicable taxes and freight will apply.  Freight charges are a function of shipping method requested.  Unless otherwise specified, UPS Ground Service is used.   All shipments subject to quantity variation of plus or minus 10%, unless "EXACT QUANTITY" is requested (additional charges may apply.)  In order for us to proceed with your order, we require properly formatted ARTWORK, a DELIVERY address, your "IN HANDS" date and PAYMENT (unless we have extended terms), as well as your signature and printed name & date on this document below (where indicated).  Once all of these items are received, your order will be sent to production and you agree that your order cannot be cancelled (or delayed) after this time, and that you are liable and agree to paying, in full, the amounts specified above, unless, at THINK BIG Promotions' sole discretion, we offer (in writing) to amend these terms.  If your order is cancelled before production, you agree to pay a $500 Order Processing fee. This Acknowledgement may be on multiple pages.  Your signature on ANY of the pages constitutes acceptance of line items on ALL pages and indemnifies THINK BIG Promotions from errors listed on this form which have been signed off on by you.  In addition to the other items listed above, a signed copy of this acknowledgement must be emailed or faxed to ThinkBIG Promotions, Inc.  ** Payment not received within established credit terms are subject to interest of 2.5% per month.  If your account is turned over to collection, you agree to pay associated fees including but not limited to collection fees, attorney's fees and litigation fees.**